About Us

TinkerHollow is a used arts and crafts supply store, offering studio time, classes, & hobby specific meet-ups. 

One of the primary goals of TinkerHollow is to support local artists of all abilities.
TinkerHollow plans to do this in 3 ways:

1️⃣ Provide a safe space for all artists & crafters to create.

2️⃣ Provide a safe space for artists & crafters to host classes.

3️⃣ Provide wall space for artists of all abilities to display their work on a rotating basis.

TinkerHollow also aims to help reduce crafting waste, give access to the purchase of smaller quantities of needed crafting supplies at a competitive price, and provide a place for you to pass along excess supplies to other crafters. ♻

About Stephanie

Hello!  I am Stephanie, the owner-operator of TinkerHollow.  TinkerHollow became my dreamchild after the hard reality hit that I had so many crafting supplies just sitting around, not being used.  I am horrible about starting a new crafting hobby and buying ALL the supplies, just to then move on to another crafting hobby a couple months later, no longer having time for the previous one.  Why not have a place where those of us who can relate can bring those extra supplies for someone else to use.  This also allows everyone to buy crafting supplies on a much smaller scale.  I am here to be an addition to the local arts and crafts scene, with no intention to take anything away.  I'm here to serve you, the artists.  I cannot wait to meet each and everyone of you!  Much love!